The OUO's commitment to excellence extends beyond its showcase concert, with involvement in a variety of exciting projects detailed in the News section. Join us and experience the extraordinary musicianship of the OUO first-hand.


OUO in the press:
"Surely the best university orchestra in the world?"

Toby Purser, Head of Conducting, Royal College of Music

"…the OUO demonstrated an impressive solidarity and skill…the orchestra played with fiery potency…"
"… imperceptibly and inevitably the audience was reeled in…"
"…remarkable for blazing brass effects, wind solos… and thrilling string playing…"
"Even though we cannot fully communicate in the same language, music transcends the border and we can communicate together. It was amazing."

[About participating in a community engagement project in Japan]

Introduction Video

This video was produced in July 2021, some of the information included is not up-to-date. Browse this website for the latest info. The OUMS website is now oums.co.uk.